Doorway into Somatic Processing

Making The Implicit Explicit

Learn a couple new cutting edge techniques to trauma resolution in this FREE class!

For therapists, integration coaches, psychedelic practitioners, doctors, nurses, healers and first responders who want to learn new proven approach and techniques for healing trauma.

People are stuck in their biology
not their psychology.

Trauma resolution and relational therapy are the missing keys to healing.

In order to be effective, practitioners must not only understand the new methods of healing they must be applied to oneself.   

The best education comes not just from learning theory but through personal experience and inner resolution. 

In this FREE workshop you'll learn and experience:

  • The fundamental differences between talk therapy and relational somatic therapy
  • Why relational somatic therapy is the missing key and how to easily start adding it to your current practice 
  • An experiential introduction to simple prompts and techniques that give access to, and enhance, somatic processing
  • How to resolve the number one most common parasympathetic suppression mechanism – the shame freeze 
  • Why Relational Somatic Therapy and 3MMC are a match made in heaven
  • Q & A about the Somatic Psychedelic Therapy Training

About Sasha

Sasha Cuff is an innovative pioneer within the fields of Trauma Resolution, Relational Healing, and Psychedelic Therapy. 

He is a  Relational Somatic Practitioner who, over the last 25 years of working in the trenches with highly traumatized people, has compiled and developed a comprehensive set of tools and techniques applicable to the full range of trauma healing. 

His biggest contributions to the world of therapy came through avidly studying a variety of healing traditions and spiritual paths from around the world and applying them in practice to uncover which styles and modalities worked the best for each therapeutic presentation. 

The result is a rich, broad spectrum approach to life and healing.

Since 2017, he has been passionately empowering course participants with his cutting edge teachings and practices.  He is committed to helping medicine sitters, plant medicine facilitators, and therapists embody the skills necessary to hold safe, integral, deeply healing containers.  

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