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Training Approach & Certification


Creating leaders in the field of Relational Somatic Psychedelic Therapy

We believe Relational Somatic Psychedelic Therapy has the potential to radically transform individuals, families and communities.

It is our training mission to bring essential awareness to this emerging field and provide leading education with cutting edge tools and techniques through dynamic learning environments that are safe, experiential and transformational. 


This training is a radical break from the conventional, outdated, inaccurate theory of psychology. When you understand that humans are not stuck in their psychology, they are stuck in their biology, it completely changes the approach to therapy and, in this new paradigm of understanding, tools are given that work on a deeply transformative level.

Combining Relational Somatic Therapy practices with empathogen assisted trauma resolution therapy, fills the gaps in the field of medicine work as well as maximizes the healing potential of these remarkable medicines. 


The Method. The Medicine. The Magic.

The Method

Developed over 30 years of research, practice and application, The Sovereignty Way augments Relational Somatic Therapy and other current trauma resolution modalities with a myriad of original techniques, updating the field with breakthroughs in the areas of protectors, nervous system regulation, instinctual parenting, safe touch, parasympathetic resolution, dissociative resolution, relational repair, attachment healing, and medicine work.  The Method  activates our innate healing instincts and provides a comprehensive therapeutic framework that lays the groundwork for an inspiring new paradigm of transformational healing and embodiment. 


The Medicine

Psychedelic medicines are a deeply engrained part of most indigenous cultures. These substances have the potential to create ecstatic states, spiritual or mystical experiences and  enhance deep transformational healing. 

There are a wide of medicines however, not all are ideal or appropriate for therapeutic use and trauma resolution.

We have been pioneering working with Chaka (3MMC) since 2016.  This powerful empathogen dramatically increases therapeutic efficacy due to it’s profound ability to enhance interoception, open implicit imprints, inhibit shame, deepen relational attunement, enhance neuroplasticity, increase focus and evoke “clear seeing” – your ability to see reality accurately and discern what’s true.  

The Magic

When you’re no longer run by Sankara – the conditioned habit of patterns of the mind and your childhood survival imprints, you become empowered to make decisions that are rooted in who you truly are and have the ability to envision and create an expanded life of possibility.

Guided by your embodied wisdom, intuition and spirit you become magnetic and your experience of life becomes a magical reflection of the depth of your alignment. 


We have carefully crafted a learning path to support a varied range of healing professionals who are devoted to their own personal growth and greatly enhancing their professional skills and therapeutic results.

The training is focused on practitioners developing relational somatic and psychedelic – assisted therapy skills through online training and virtual live experiential workshops, in-person experiential training, practice and case-based learning, mentorship and personal healing experiences.

The learning path consists of the following three individual core trainings. Each one builds on the education, experience and level of the previous one and must be completed in the order below.


[ LEVEL 1 ]


Online Training with Live Workshops


Learn cutting edge tools and build relational somatic therapy skills with an introduction to psychedelic-assisted therapy


* 12 Module Online Course

* Video Demonstrations

*In Depth Manual, Scripts & Resources

* Monthly Live Online Skill Building Workshops

* Monthly Mentorship Calls

(Pre-requisite for Level 2 )

LAUNCHES June 2024


[ LEVEL 2 ]


9 Day In-Person
Experiential Training


Experiential application of the highly effective relational somatic therapeutic tools and how to work with empathogens


* Intimate training working with 3MMC  medicine (15 students)

* Comprehensive Psychedelic Therapy Training Manual 

* Monthly Mentorship  Calls

* Practicum opportunities  

(By application) 

FALL 2024/SPRING 2025


[ LEVEL 3 ]


8 Day In-Person
Experiential Training


Advanced techniques to deepen your own level of embodiment and strengthen your capacity and the effectiveness of your sessions 

* Intimate training working with advanced methods for dissociation and complexes (9 students)

* Applications of specific adjuncts (Ketamine, 5-MeO-DMT, Hape and Tobacco)

* Plant and animal spirits 

(Must have completed Level 2) 



3 Day In-Person Practicum Retreats  

These intimate retreats create the unique opportunity for practical application of the tools and techniques, receive mentorship, case based learning and enhance your personal capacity through healing experiences.

(Launching 2024: For students who have enrolled in or completed Level 1 Experiential Training) 
Sasha’s depth of knowledge and his trauma resolution skills are astounding. He can clearly articulate his vast knowledge and experience in an embodied way, making for a powerful learning environment.
Payton Nyquest
CEO, Numinus
Sasha is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and caring. He teaches deep insights and effective techniques that I had not encountered in the literature or my medical training. He is a leader in this field.
Dr. Jenna Creaser
MD, Rising Rose Wellness


There are no pre-requisites for The Sovereignty Method Online Training (Level 1). 

There are pre-requisites for The Medicine (Level 2) and The Magic (Level 3). 

Please refer to the individual training pages to for detailed information.

There is a Certification of Completion for Level 2 and Level 3. 

Yes. With each training, you will have access to the monthly Live Online Workshops and monthly Mentorship Calls.

There is additional support built into Level 1 and Level 2 Training with the opportunity to join The Practicum Retreats.

Please refer to the individual training information pages and FAQ where you’ll find detailed information about each training. 

If you can’t find the answer to your question we’re more than happy to connect. Please send an email to  [email protected]